Locally Grown Weddings is your answer to the challenging process of planning and enjoying your wedding day.

Have questions? We have answers!

Q: Do I hire the entire Locally Grown Weddings team?

A: Locally Grown Weddings was created to offer you a more relaxing and efficient experience choosing and working with your wedding vendors. We offer a cohesive team, with a combined total of over 30 years experience working on Bay Area Weddings. That said, we understand the importance of having choices, so if Grandma is serious about making apple pie for dessert, we welcome her aboard.

Q: What makes Locally Grown Weddings more convenient than working with individual vendors?

A: A number of things. First, we offer a free consultation with the whole team where we get to know each other and learn about your vision for the big day. Next, we create a custom package based on what your specific needs are. Then, once a contract is in place, we plan a site visit with the team to your venue. This allows us to take all of your ideas and determine how to execute them successfully. Finally, you know that through the entire process our team has been meeting weekly to stay on top of all the important details of your event.


Q: How do you make a wedding unique?

A: That’s easy, you have a unique story! Where you grew up, how you met, where your families are from, where you travel to, etc. We love to take the details that make each couple special and find a way to showcase them in the wedding and reception. Be it a multi-cultural fusion menu or certain flowers in the centerpieces or details we include in the table design, we will delight in telling your story throughout the event.

Q: We live in New York, but we want to get married in San Francisco, can I hire Locally Grown Weddings?

A: Yes. We love a San Francisco destination wedding.  We are excited to share our favorite local resources with you. We can help with all the details from venue selection to transportation to accommodations for your guests. Our extensive community of vendors can take care of all of your wedding needs.


Q: We live in San Francisco, but we want to get married in Maui, can I hire Locally Grown Weddings?

A: No. The local in our name refers to events within about 2 hours of San Francisco. However, many of us will travel, so make sure to inquire anyways!

Q: Why local? Why green?

A. Being a locally owned, certified green business ourselves, we believe in the values of supporting our local economy, sourcing locally and working locally (within 2 hours of SF). Locally Grown Weddings offers an environmentally responsible option in an often wasteful wedding industry. We know that a wedding can be a truly unforgettable event without having a negative impact on the planet. We are happy to guide you through the process of creating a green wedding and it won’t cost you any more!

 Q. Is Locally Grown Wedding a referral business of sorts?

A. No. We are simply a team of wedding professionals and friends that find working with each other so fun and rewarding, that we want to do it all the time.


 Q. How long have you been working together?

A. Sadie Waddington, Stephanie Hibbert and Aurora Meneghello founded Locally Grown Weddings in January 2010.

Q: We are on a budget, how much is this going to cost?

A: See our Packages page for pricing information.

 Q:What happens next?

A: Let’s meet! The team is excited to get to know you! Call us to set up a free consultation. 415.264.3810.

 Q: I love the concept of Locally Grown Weddings, but I am not planning a wedding…What else do you do?

A: What have you got? We do Engagement Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties, Cocktail Parties, Dinner Parties, Baby Showers… Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Conferences, etc!