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So many things to love about The Shoppe…a blend of visual artistry and a clean design aesthetic, a fun and playful approach to celebrations, one-of-a-kind items that we haven’t seen anywhere else, oh, and did we mention that owner & creator of all these great products, Madeline was one of the selected artisans in Martha Stewart’s inaugural American Made contest? You’ll find her marvelous celebration accessories in our Marketplace. In the meantime, we chatted with Madeline about what inspires her, what trends she’s predicting for the coming event season, and more!   


Tell us about the name of your business and how it came about.

The Shoppe came about as I am always searching for unique decorative items for the weddings and events that I do. So, I had some of my own ideas and thought why not create a shop were I can have unique and handmaid items for weddings and other celebrations.

How did you get your start?

My business emerged as a result of my design background and my love for parties. I love design and decor so it was only natural to do flowers which naturally evolved to more decor such as cake toppers.

What is your most unique product?

I like to think that all my products are unique. My cake toppers are all created from my own sketches and the flower petal confetti I have created is the only thing of it’s kind I have seen around. My goal for all my products are to make them unique and something unexpected.

What is your favorite element to design for a wedding or celebration?

That’s hard as there are so many things. So, I guess I can say the whole thing, let me explain. When I do event design, my goal is to make sure everything works together and it all follows the same concept. This way the couple and their guests go away thinking that the wedding really reflected who the couple was and that this was the best looking wedding they have ever been to. So, there isn’t one particular element that I like to design but rather ensure the whole concept is upheld by each design element.

What is your favorite wedding or celebration trend?

I like that the trend is to be unique this means that each celebration is an opportunity to do some different and it all depends on the client. I love challenges.

What is your favorite season for a wedding and why?

Though I have not done a wedding at this time of year, I think winter would be a good season. It’s a dramatic time of year where the sky and air are crisp and clear. Of course in San Francisco we don’t have snow, but I still think it would be fun to design a white winter wedding in the snow…stark and modern. Fun!

How would you describe your design style?

My personal style is modern with a mid century twist and pops of color.  I also love when you use different styles to contrast and compliment one another. For example french antiques in a modern stark environment, makes a statement and looks so cool.

Describe the type of clients you love to work with.

I like to have fun when I work and don’t take myself too seriously, so I naturally love to work with people who do the same. My clients love design, parties and are open to new ideas. I am a collaborative designer so my clients are involved and interested in the process and get into it as much as I do.

Any tips for folks looking to throw a great party?

A party is supposed to be fun so have fun when you are planning it but remember to stay organized. Also, make sure you plan ahead so that you can actually enjoy your party rather than be stuck in the kitchen making food or drinks…unless that is your thing.

Any trends we should keep our eyes out for this season?

The big one that everyone is talking about is the color Emerald. Pantone released it as their color of the year and now it’s everywhere. Also, I think that flower patterns are going to make a return in many shapes and forms. Of course the trend that is here to stay for a bit longer are bright colors though I think they may trend toward jewel tones rather than fluorescents that we have seen in the past year.

Any fun facts about your company?

I loving and jokingly call my dog, Gus, my first employee. He is my task master and manager, though he tends to sleep on the job a lot. Another fact: I along with a lot of other creatives started my career as an architect.






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